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I am working on HR web application which give me some trouble now when
i come to the attendance part please some one help.
the problem is that i have to write Employee information on a
microchip card, if someone has the idea please help me.

Re: php and microchips

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On 18/12/09 09:31, mirfan wrote:
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well it depends on how the user will input the data.
eg. will be a MS programm needed to provide the data or is the data put in via a
Browser (which means you do not install anything)

If this is decided then you need the application which writes to the microchip.
I don't think that php can write directly to the chip.
You could create the commands for an external tool, and launch this command via
a system call.

but you need an external tool which can communicate direclty with the chip.

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Re: php and microchips

mirfan wrote:
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Hi Mirfan,

If the 'microchip card' is client side (i.e. not directly connected to
the server your PHP code is running on) then PHP will not be able to
touch it. In this situation you would need 'client side' code i.e. code
that runs on the remote users machines, not the server.

PHP is generally  used server side only, for client side scripting you
would need another language such as Java, Javascript or Flash/AS3. For
interfacing with a clients hardware you can probably only use Java, and
even then there's no guarantee the card readers API has Java bindings so
you may need to use C or C++ but Java is where I would start.

Find out everything you can about the card readers and it API then go
join a newsgroup dedicated to Java, C or C++ whichever seems most
appropriate. Just to be clear, PHP will NOT help you talk to card
readers unless your client machines are running PHP, which they will not be!

Good luck,


Re: php and microchips

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As others have said - this is WAY off topic here.

If the card writer is client-side then go read about how to play
outside the sandbox (its not impossible, but its a quite a complex
process - this ensures that malicious websites are limited in the
damage they can wreakk on your PC).

If the card writer is connected server-side, then it should be very
simple as long as you have a CLI tool for writing the cards - just
shell-out to run the program.

Of course, it may be a lot simpler to pre-program the cards, then
provide a page to allow the operator to link a programmed card to an


Re: php and microchips

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The card making machine, typically come with an API. That's where you
should start.

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