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Hi guys,

I can currently connect, bind and authenticate a user against
ActiveDirectory using OpenLdap and apache. I have apache compiled with
SSL as well. I force PHP to use https:// and i get the browser ask if i
want to accept the certificate etc. I'm also connecting to Ldap on port

Now it all works fine apart, although then i started up ethereal to
check on the packets and it appears the username and password are being
sent in plain text. I cant work out why.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Heres the code.
var $_domain_controllers = array (", 686");

//other variables
var $_user_dn;
var $_user_pass;
var $_conn;
var $_bind;

// default constructor
function adLDAP(){
    //connect to the LDAP server as the username/password
    $this->_conn = ldap_connect($this->random_controller());
    ldap_set_option($this->_conn, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3);
    ldap_set_option($this->_conn, LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS, 0); //disable plain
text passwords
        return true;

    // default destructor
    function __destruct(){ ldap_close ($this->_conn); }

    function random_controller(){
        //select a random domain controller
        mt_srand(doubleval(microtime()) * 100000000);

    // authenticate($username,$password)
    //    Authenticate to the directory with a specific username and password
    //    Extremely useful for validating login credentials
    function authenticate($username,$password){
        //validate a users login credentials

        if ($username!=NULL && $password!=NULL){ //prevent null bind

            $this->_bind =
            if ($this->_bind){ $returnval=true; }
        return ($returnval);

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