PHP and framing a site.

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Hey all,

    Been working on a site and it's about 98% done now :) I'm having an
issue where the site is framed with a about three <frameset>'s. Because
of how I wanted it to scroll and where the main content was.

    Now my issue is this my navigation is in a frame of itself. I wanted
to use like this:

if ($page == "Home") {
    echo "<img src=\"../images/nav/ocalagrooming_03-over.png\"
alt=\"Home\" width=\"148\" height=\"39\" align="top\" border=\"0\">";
} else {
    echo "<a href=\"../index.php\" target=\"_top\"
onmouseover=\"imgOn('img1'); window.status='Groomed to Perfection';
return true\" onmouseout=\"imgOff('img1'); window.status=''; return
src=\"../images/nav/ocalagrooming_03.png\" alt=\"Home\" width=\"148\"
height=\"39\" align=\"top\" border=\"0\" name=\"img1\"><br /></a>";

Now on the page Home at the top it defines $page, problem is PHP
doesn't see this because it's in separate frames! Any help on how to
correct this or a right way?
:: TJ::

Re: PHP and framing a site.

TJ Bright wrote:
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Don't use frames...

for starters...

Remove the "x" from my email address
Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: PHP and framing a site.

So is $page referring to what frame the page is in?

Without destroying your model, you could define $page in the script
where this if..else takes place or maybe use sessions.

Communicating between frames is a pain and usually requires tons of
javascript.  Next go around, take the high road.


Re: PHP and framing a site.

Hello Jerry,

    I read every last one of those articles and was astounded as well as
upset. I wish I'd of seen or known of these issues/problems a long time
ago. I loved the frame layout becase if the cleanliness to it. I have
no problem dropping the procedure for something more stable and less

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:: TJ::

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