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Dear all, I've just installed PHP4 manual install using ISAPI and enabled
the DOM XML module. However when I tried the code below (or any DOM example
I found on google) I will only get a blank HTML page showing head, body,
meta, and that's all... no errors or anything given on the server/client at
all... any ideas? I'm running IIS 5.1 on XP




// XML data
$xml_string = "<?xml version='1.0'?>
<sentence>What a wonderful profusion of colors and smells in the market -
   <vegetable color='green'>cabbages</vegetable>,
   <vegetable color='red'>tomatoes</vegetable>,
   <fruit color='green'>apples</fruit>,
   <vegetable color='purple'>aubergines</vegetable>,
   <fruit color='yellow'>bananas</fruit>

// create a DOM object from the XML data
if(!$doc = xmldoc($xml_string))
   die("Error parsing XML");

// start at the root
$root = $doc->root();

// move down one level to the root's children
$children = $root->children();

// iterate through the list of children
foreach ($children as $child)
  // if <vegetable> element
  if ($child->tagname == "vegetable")
     // go down one more level
     // get the text node
     $text = $child->children();
     // print the content of the text node
     echo "Found: " . $text[0]->content . "<br>";


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