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Hi all

Ive searched around everywhere and I cant find the answer that doesnt
involve being on a Windows Machine.

Im wondering is it possible to read a .doc file? I know its a propietary
MS thing however Open Office/Star Office not sure on others can read the
file, I was wondering has anyone been able to accomplish this at all.


Re: PHP and .doc Files

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  catdoc < . With some work
can be integrated as PHP extension or can be used via system commands.

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Re: PHP and .doc Files

R. Rajesh Jeba Anbiah wrote:

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Last time I looked at it, it didn't do too good a job. I've used wv before
with more success. Try Google for a URL.



Re: PHP and .doc Files

Nik Coughin wrote:
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Thanks for the links they seem like they can help me quite a bit.

Re: PHP and .doc Files

Paul wrote:

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All of you that work in a business environment and regularly send WORD docs via
upload/email should consider:

<< +maker+exposes+hidden+data/2100-1012_3-5320006.html?

  a snippet from this link:

"After examining metadata in a legal document of Linux adversary the SCO Group,
CNET learned that SCO originally planned to sue Bank of America.

Word and other Office applications include tools for removing such metadata
before a document is shared with others, but those capabilities are used
inconsistently at best, Brown said. "It's something where it really needs to be
part of company policy--how you deal with metadata," he said. "If you don't
create and enforce a good policy about cleaning up after yourselves, there's a
real risk."

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