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I think PHP is a kind of typeless C++. In this vision I found that PHP
is much better to understand. Is there any comparation for both

Re: PHP and C++

PHP is a descendant of Perl. Perl is a descendant of AWK. AWK is a
descendant of C. PHP is not a descendant of C++. While C++ and PHP have
ancestry (and thus syntax) in common, they are different languages
designed for very different purposes. I'm not exactly sure how you
compare dried apples and applesauce.


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I was listening to a podcast with the fella who started out writing PHP.  
He basically wrote it out to abstract out of the apache module coding  
base - this way one didn't need to know apache module programming - just  
add some tags and then apache would use it to call into C routines PHP  
knew about.  It was a "this tag - this routine" mapping thing.

It has since been taken over by Zend who have made the engine better and  
better over time, turning a simple mapping parser into a real language.

IMO, it is accurate to think of PHP as a typeless C++.  A lot of the  
syntactical styles are the same even.  A lot of the concepts are the  

Well, that is my opinion.

Re: PHP and C++

Typeless C might be more accurate. Many of the ++ features are not
present in PHP.

Re: PHP and C++

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I don't think so, Chung.

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