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Could anyone provide resources for PHP advocacy. My company has
written and application for an insurance firm but it is in jeopardy as
it is a Microsoft orientated. We need to justify the  use of PHP in
terms security, etc.
Any direction would be appreciated.

Re: PHP Advocacy

Patrick101 wrote:
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Well if it's good enough for Flickr, Digg, Friendster, Wikipedia and
Facebook it should be good enough for some crappy insurance firm.

Besides, there's nothing to stop you running PHP on Microsoft servers,
PHP runs fine on Windows Server 2003 and IIS.

What you seek is not so much a justification of platform as of language
which is a field where there is NO RIGHT ANSWER. You can write both
secure and insecure code in any language. Modern ASP is no more secure
than modern PHP and you will find strong advocates for both languages so
there's no clear choice.

Anyway, shouldn't you have agreed the language and platform before
starting work??? And if they're so bothered about specifics have they
told you what they'd have preferred you to program in???

If they didn't specify a language up front I'd tell 'em to suck my
balls, and then sue them if they didn't pay up.


Re: PHP Advocacy

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Two words.  Vendor lockin.

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