PHP ADODB DB2 associative arrays

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I know this doesn't -exactly- match php, but its still related, and
adodb doesn't have its own google group yet, so i thought I'd go

The problem is, I created a nice little script for Oracle using oci8
and tried to convert to db2, but ran into issues. In case you don't
know what ADODB is, checkout

The GetAssoc, or SetFetchMode(ADODB_FETCH_ASSOC) methods to get an
associative array from a DB2 database don't function properly. The
result of a simple query, for example:
   select firstname, lastname, dob from person
results in an array something like:
   Array (
      [LASTNAME] => 'Bob'
      [DOB] => 'Henry'
      [0] => '1956-12-01'
Now -that- is a real pain, and I've tried looking through the db2
driver, but couldn't pin-point myself where the problem was, as the
ADODB code is a little out of my league, and the complications of the
new 'extension' don't help.

I was just wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about? Or maybe a
possible solution to the problem? I'd prefer a solution at the base
level, not a 'quick-fix', as I use this library often.

Some further information that might be useful is that i'm running DB2
v8.2 Enterprise, on WinXP (up-to-date). I'm using the latest ADODB
4.8.1 (NOT the extension). And i'm using Apache/2.2.2 + PHP/5.1.4
served on WinXP, same machine as DB2.

Thanks in advance.


Re: PHP ADODB DB2 associative arrays

b00x wrote:
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Actually, this has virtually nothing to do with PHP...

The correct place to ask is on the ADODB forum on SourceForge - which I see you  
have already done.

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Re: PHP ADODB DB2 associative arrays

If you say so

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