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hi all,

i'm new to using php, adodb and pgsql.  i have a need to enter data
into a database.

however, i can't find a web example or tutorial that explains the nuts
and bolts of how this is done.

in general terms, does it go like this...

1. create form on first web page.
2. send form to a 2nd web page via the form's method and action
propertise (and submit button).
3. put php the same 2nd web page so that variables are taken from the
entry form page and use adodb to perform the insert into the database.
4. have the 2nd web page send the user back to a third page confirming
their data entry and offering them the opportunity to add more data.

is this correct?  what is the best way to do this?

are there any web tutorials or examples of the whole process at work?
your help is very much appreciated.

Re: php adodb data entry form question

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Unfortunately the net is dominated by MySQL + PHP tutorials, which is a
shame as in a lot of important respects MySQL sucks[1].

Using ADODB for postgresql should be the same as using MySQL except for the
initialisation of the connection to the database, and the use of on inbuilt
commands supported by the different RDMS.

Reading should help you
uncover various tips on how to handle obvious differences.

I strongly suspect that in order to get started you are going to have to
read the various MySQL+php tutorials and literally translate them yourself.

[1] to be rectified in version 5.

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