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Hey folks.

Not sure if this is the right place to be asking this, (I looked for a
PHP group for dopes but couldn't find one...) You're probably going to
think I'm a philistine for doing this but what can I do...

I downloaded a copy of DBqwiksite and have "designed" a wee PHP
website based on an access database with only one table with 7
datafields. Its laughably straight forward. The thing is, I have no
idea what the file structure on my web space should be like.

Do I put the database in the root folder or does it go in a seperate
database folder? I have to say, don't believe the blurb on
DBqwiksite's box, its so easy to get something up and running on your
PC but as soon as you try to publish; it falls flat on its face.

It has a 'deploy' wizard but so far, it has been distinctly unwizard-
like in that it deploys everything other than the database itself.

Any basic pointers would be appreciated and do assume that I know very
little about PHP. If I see INVALID QUERY once more on my screen its
going out the window... :-)


Re: php/access

pa_broon74 wrote:

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That is OK, dopes are welcome here. ;-)

You're probably going to
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Where to put the yourDB.mdb file?
Best thing to do is make that general, so you don't have to decide upfront,  
since you don't know the target machine.

How to make it flexible?
Define the location of the database in a file.
Include this file in all pages that use the database.

You can also add the connectstring in the same file.

That way you can easily change location without having to check all your  

Have a look at and find the function:
require() or probably better: require_once()

You can also use include() but require will throw an error at you when the  
file cannot be found, which makes more sense on a page that demands  
databaseaccess. :-)

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Well, no help there. I never used that program.

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Don't hit any Linux users please. ;-)

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Erwin Moller

Re: php/access

Erwin Moller wrote:

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One addition: IF you choose Access as your database you are limmiting  
yourself to Microsoft platforms (read IIS).
I think you can also use Access on Linux, but this is a lot of pain, and you  
don't want that.
IF you are in the process of designing your application, it makes sense to  
switch to a database, like Postgres or MySQL. Those databases can run under  
both W$-OS and Linux.


Re: php/access

On 6 Mar, 13:06, Erwin Moller
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Thanks for your help.

I think that I might transmogrify from access to mySQL. We don't
support access here so it makes sense to use sql (which we do, sort of

My IT equipment is still on my desk, I count this as a good day :-)

(Am I allowed to aim for apple users?? ;-)

Re: php/access

pa_broon74 wrote:

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Even Apples have Postgresql and MySQL (at least in their 10.X editions).

I really doubt if you can find a Postgresql port for Apple OS 6, or  
something old like that, but who knows: Maybe an adept created it.
Much to my suprise I found out people are using Amigas (my old favorite  
comp) as webservers these days, so I wouldn't be too surprised to see an  
OS6 run mySQL. :-)


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