PHP 5 install problem on IIS

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I have an install problem on IIS that has me stumped.

PHP appears to be installed properly, and is listed as a
filetype in IIS, pointing to the PHP script processor.
However, when I try to load a page called "test.php",
I get a "page not found" response.

The file contains only HTML, no PHP. I duplicated the file
as "test.junk", and IIS reads and processes the file, as
HTML, with no problem. IIS can also open .html and .aspx
files in the same directory.  

All of this is on my local machine; there's no network
connection involved.  All of this is on WinXP Pro SP2
with all updates.

Any idea why I get a "page not found" on .php files?


Re: PHP 5 install problem on IIS

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The problem may be that PHP does not have permission from IIS and/or
that IIS does not have the application/php mimetype listed.

Those are the two most common problems with IIS.  Also are you using the
CGI or are you using the ISAPI.


Re: PHP 5 install problem on IIS

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Thanks for the response.

Looking at IIS properties, specifically for the directory where
the files are located, execute permissions is set to "scripts
and executables".

The mapping for .php was set up for C:\PHP\php-cgi.exe .
This is the setting that gave "page not found".  Setting it
to php-win.exe (and also to php.exe) caused a "CGI timeout"

I don't see any specific settings in php.ini that seem to be

What else should I check?


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