php 5 error + lighttpd

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dear all,
      I recently installed lang/php5 & lang/php5-extensions in my
freeBSD box
now my lighttpd server is not working & finally I understood it is due
to a php trouble.

when i type following command @ console
     # php -v

php banner is not displaying. instead following error message is

     Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)

My current version of php is php5-5.2.4

Please help me to recover from the situation.
I don't have idea where to start debugging

Thank you !

Re: php 5 error + lighttpd

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Sounds like the package manager has done a booboo. Comment out all the
extensions in php.ini and check if you still get the error. If so...

It'd help them a lot if you can do a backtrace....something like

gdb /path/to/php corefile
(then type in bt, copy the output, then q to quit)

Send this on to the package manager, and while you're waiting for a
fix, delete the package and install from sources.

If you don't get an error, try to isolate the dodgy lib.



Re: php 5 error + lighttpd

chani wrote:
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One thing to be careful of - MySQL.  This can easily happen if you have  
two different products using MySQL under Apache.  We've run into the  
problem with mod_auth_mysql and PHP, for instance.

Of course, other products may have the same problem.

Commenting out the extensions is a really good suggestion.
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