PHP 5 and PEAR

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I've been using PHP for a while now - and have recently been trying
to set up PHP, MySQL and Apache on Windows (for a client).

It seems like all the PEAR stuff under PHP 5 doesn't work out of the box.

It took me a while to track down the go-pear.bat file in the root -
what with all the other garbage in there.

Shouldn't this file get at least a mention in:

  install.txt and /PEAR/go-pear.php


The installation instructions in /PEAR/go-pear.php for Windows
seem rather out of date - and sent me off in totally the wrong
direction :-(
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Re: PHP 5 and PEAR

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* Installing PHP 5.0.0 and...
* Running the "go-pear.bat" file;

php_ini(); now gives:

include_path .;C:\php5\pear .;C:\php5\pear

I /swear/ I have never mentioned C:\php5.

My PHP installation is at the "classical" location: C:\php.

C:\php5 isn't mentioned in my php.ini file.

It isn't mentioned in my environmental variables.

It looks like it /might/ be a hangover from the development days -
when the programmers probably had multiple versions of PHP installed.

I can hack around this problem - but would quite like to track down
the cause - if only to find out who is to blame ;-)

Does anyone have any idea where this incorrect path might be coming from?
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Re: PHP 5 and PEAR

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*Probably* from the registry - since executing the:

PEAR_ENV.reg file and rebooting Apache seems to have rectified the

I thought unix programmers gave the registry a wide berth ;-)

My next problem is that communication with MySQL (latest version)
doesn't work.

PHPMyAdmin comes up with:

``Cannot load MySQL extension, please check PHP Configuration''.

This happens on PHP 5.0.0 - where the MySQL integration is
*supposed* to be built in.  It happens on the very latest
version of PHPMyAdmin - as well as with earlier versions.

Other attemps to access database using other programs also
produce similar errors - for instance the PEAR that comes
with PHP 5.0.0 says:

``Error during database connection:DB Error: extension not found''

Does anyone else have PHP 5.0.0 and MySQL talking to each
other under Windows? - and if so, what's the mystical
incantation you used to set things up? ;-)
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Re: PHP 5 and PEAR

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There are so many more logical ways to run Apache/PHP/Mysql.  Why on
earth stick something as insecure as Windows in the mix?

Seriously, check out Solaris for Intel if you need a big company
behind you (aka no linux).  

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Re: PHP 5 and PEAR

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Because that's what one of my clients wants to use.

Basically they are a Windoze shop, already have a windows box - and don't
think they'll be able to swing putting anything else on the box with the
rest of the IT department.

Getting them to use PHP in the first place is quite good enough for me.

Much of their existing server-side material and experience is with ASP -
and I don't want to make the decision to use PHP any harder for them by
telling them they need to install an OS they have little experience of.

Security isn't much of an issue.  Their system is facing an existing
intranet, and it isn't ever likely to be made publicly accessible.

What it seems they mostly want is not security and stability -
but the ability to put together something that works rapidly.

They can always upgrade their server to a proper piece of equipment
at a later date - if they decide they need to do so.
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Re: PHP 5 and PEAR

Tim Tyler wrote:

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Try persuading them to network another Windows Box with BigApache which
has all you'll need in one installable package.



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Re: PHP 5 and PEAR

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After reading your post, I looked briefly at BigApache.

My experience with installing Apache/PHP/MySQL *did* powerfully
suggest the need for a "proper" install bundle - rather than
the chaotic mess of manually editing obscure corners of ".ini"
files and manually copying DLLs into the Windows system folder
that I went through with the standard installation instructions.
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Re: PHP 5 and PEAR

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PHP5 doesn't work out of the box...duh!

I will wait for PHP 5.2 :-)

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