PHP 5.2.1: cli does load php_mysql.dll while the same script executed by apache 2.2 fails ...

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Hi there!

After I overcame some short_open_tag (thanks, Rik!) I encounter
another strange php-behaviour. The script I just got to work on the
windows-commandline obviously does as php.ini tells php to do and
loads php_mysql.dll:

E:\ersDHCP>php ./extractLog.php
... some mysql-stuff, some output, OK

The same script invoked by the webserver apache 2.2 entails an error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

My configuration php.ini does contain the line extension=php_mysql.dll
and seems to be OK while I use the script from commandline. Is there
anybody who can give me a hint where to cope with this error?

Take care,


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