PHP (5.1.4) MSSQL functions do not work through Apache (on Fedora Core 5)

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Hi All

I'm trying to set up PHP with Microsoft SQL Server support on Fedora
Core 5. I've tried using the FreeTDS libraries, and a connect with
tsql works fine.

I've a little test PHP file that simply connects to a SQL Server
instance, executes a simple query and returns.

If I run php -f /var/www/html/testSqlServer.php it works. (I've run
it as root, a lesser user, and a very limited rights user)

If I access the same file through the browser (i.e. through Apache), it
fails giving this error message:
Warning: mssql_connect() [function.mssql-connect]: Unable to connect to
server: <the_server_ip> in /var/www/html/testSqlServer.php on line 7

I've rebuilt PHP multiple times, redone this system, recompiled
FreeTDS in multiple ways, recompiled PHP in multiple ways, tried yum
installs, tried other sources (dries / remi), but I cannot figure out
why this might be.

I mean, it WORKS if you run php from the command line. I've tried
giving the Apache user explicit access to the binaries, etc. Really
stumped here.

Some extra info:

FreeTDS: 0.64
PHP: 5.1.4
Fedora Core 5 Server install
Apache 2
SecureLinux is not enabled

The test file is something like this:

$con = mssql_connect("an_ip_address", "sa", "thePass");

mssql_select_db ("MYDB", $con);
$rs= mssql_query ($sql, $con);
echo "Col Val 1 is: ";
echo mssql_result ($rs, 0, 0);

mssql_close ($con);

Any ideas anyone?

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