PHP 5.1.2 and using PHP w Apache2 and MySQL

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Hello all,

  First of all I first dld and installed (unzipped) PHP 5.1.1 before 5.1.2 was released, so do I just unzip 5.1.2 over the existing 5.1.1 and use the same php.ini file, or is there more to it than that?  When I run phpinfo it still displays the ver as 5.1.1, is this ok?

  Also,  I have installed Apache 2.0.55 and PHP 5.1.2 (see above 5.1.2 question) on my personal windows me computer, and I would like to install MySQL as well.

  To the best of my knowledge both of the above SEEM to be working and setup correctly.

  My goal in doing this is so that I can learn to use Apache, PHP and MySQL on my computer. When I am somewhat proficient I still want to continue to develop and test web pages without first having to upload everything to the server, where everything will then be available to the rest of the unsuspecting world.

  I would like to keep any requests via the internet from being accepted by my system if at all possible.

  Can I accomplish this or is this just a hopeless dream?

  Which community ver number of MySQL is best for what I am trying to do?

  Am I using the proper vers of Apache and PHP?

  A couple of years ago I did this with all windows progs.  I used PWS and Access from ms.  I wrote ASP scripts to read and write to the Access database and everything that I wanted to do.  However, the ms solution is getting too expensive.

  If and when I have this working the way I want, I will probably change to a Linux os.  But, it will not be for a while.

  Thank you each for your time and consideration.

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Re: PHP 5.1.2 and using PHP w Apache2 and MySQL

Well, I upgraded from 5.0.3 to 5.1.2 without any problems, and on
phpinfo does show 5.1.2.  But what I did different is that I used the
php.ini that comes in the 5.1.2 package.  Maybe that could be a
problem.  And also, if you have moved some dll files to your windows
system directory... that will make some confusion.

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