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I am very new to php, but eagerly picking it up. Thanks in advance for
any assistance.

I have a site I am working on that uses "PHP frames" - url is like

inside home.php are several case statements that then tell the
webserver which page to load. I have been trying to create small 7
picture photo album in file photo.php. I want to have the thumbs appear
at the top, then the main image in the middle at 640pix wide, then a
text link at the bottom for previous and next.

I have the basics working by hacking up somebody elses album, but I
can't seem to get it to work that when you click on one of the
thumbnails, it reloads the page and displays the image you clicked on.
the original was a two page solution and I really need to to stay
within the framework of the "frames" mentioned above.

I think at this point it would be easier to start from scratch. So here
is my structure if it helps. I'd like to see a one php file solution
(or two if a config.php was needed) with the following features:
thumbnail folder /thumbs  - each one is prefixed with tn_   (maybe a
variable for WxH)
main picture folder /images  - each one is 640px wide (another var?)
uses whatever names where in the images directory, sorts them A-Z, as
long as they end in .JPG
created thumbnails if they didn't exist using GD.
thumbnails shown in a table, so nice variable for how many columns of
thumbnails would be sweet.

Pointers, suggestions, solutions are all welcome. Thanks

Re: Photo Album wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

in you favorite search engine - look for imagebrowser.php

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