Personalized Email Script

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I'm posting in desperation and hopes that someone has a script that will
achieve these objectives:

1. Web interface using forms collects Name, Address, Email Address.
2. Web interface sends this info to a PHP script.
3. PHP script has pre-entered text.
4. Name, Address, and Email Address are appended to the END of the
outgoing email message.
5. The outgoing email address shows the "From" as the Email Address.
6. THE PROBLEM: The PHP script has 55 pre-entered email addresses. The
script sends the email individually to each of the 55 people pre-entered
such that the To: line contains only one email address.

Help! Anybody got such a script? I tried writing one, but I'm not even a
Newbie yet, so I did not have any success.

I tried using MailMan for the distribution, which works fairly well, but
the To: line includes some garbage, like "Sent by <listname> on behalf
of <originalsender>".

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