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Hey all, im running php5 on a suse linux box. Im writing a file upload
script. Currently i can pull the temporary filename out of the post
data but i cant seem to open that for reading. Its stored in /tmp. Can
anyone think of a reason why i can upload stuff but not read it once
its there?

Re: Permissions Problem

Because "tmp" means "temporary", deleted when actually script finishes
If temporary uploaded files would not be deleted, your /tmp would be
quite big and some webmasters wouldn't like that.

Re: Permissions Problem

On Mon, 01 May 2006 19:27:48 -0700, Areric wrote:
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Have you got the right "enctype" on the upload form tag?  I think it's
multipart/form-data but I'm not 100% sure (I have a template for it set
up in gPHPEdit).



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Re: Permissions Problem

ya its the right enctype... ive run the same script on a different
machine with no problems.

As for the temporary thing, i dont need the file, i need the
contents... at one point in the script i run imagefromjpeg() on the
file... when i get to this point its not readable.. its like the file
deletes well before the script ends.

Re: Permissions Problem

Areric wrote:
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How about posting your script so we can see what's going on?

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Re: Permissions Problem

Ok so i figured something out... APparently its a size issue. I can
upload any image with a size <= 350 KB but when i hit 351 it fails...
the weird thing is when it fails in the script is completley
arbitrary... it will ALWAYS read from the file but if i try and store
the info into a variable it blows up. Its like php vars have an
arbitrary hard limit of 350k size.

By which i mean this outputs the string content of the file
echo file_get_contents($filename);

but this sequence of events outputs nothing
$fp = fopen($filename, 'rb');
echo $this->GetImageContent();

Where SetImageContent and GetImageContent are the following
function GetImageContent()
     return $this->mImageContent;
   function SetImageContent($value)
     $this->mImageContent = $value;

and mImageContent is just declared as a normal variable of the class.

Re: Permissions Problem

OK i have a bit of insight into the problem. I found a script on the
php forumns about a memory issue with uploading large images. Seems
like my memory is getting soaked up by this script. I probably only
have to do a bit of optimization but i think im breaking that limit.

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