Permissions.... kind of OT?

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I wonder, what rights I need on an Apache server, in order to show a


The subdir needs to have world/modify = true, otherwise I get 403
Fobidden (that is 745)
What is normal for a directory?

As default I do this:
chmod($new_dir, 0744)


Re: Permissions.... kind of OT?

jodleren wrote:
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Yea, off topic.  A better place to ask would be
alt.apache.configuration, because your files should not need world
modify (unless you actually are modifying them and are not the owner or
in the group of the file).

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Re: Permissions.... kind of OT?

In article

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in your document root, you have a directory called subdir

Usually, you have access to the files in that directory unless the
permissions on them forbid Apache from reading the directory (R or read
permission) and "wandering around" the files inside it (X or execute

Set the directory to 755 which will allow anyone on the system to access
the directory and read the files.

If you only want to allow specific files to be accessed by name, remove
the execute permission.  That is, you can specify URLS like

but if you try to access

it will fail because you don't have permission to wander around.

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