perl style in php ?

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Often I just want to be able to get at a single element from a
function that returns an array. For example, if I just want the
current year I need to write:

    $today = getdate();
    $year = $today['year'];

Call me lazy but this is two steps to return a single value.
In perl I can nest these two step together into something like:

     $year = ( $getdate() )['year'];

I've tried to get several variations of this to work in php but I
don't seem to be having any luck.

Is this style possible in php?


Re: perl style in php ?

crub wrote:
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Not quite, although PHP 5 introduces object dereferencing, which comes


function array2object($array) {
     $obj = new stdClass;

     foreach ($array as $k => $v) {
          $obj->$k = $v;

     return $obj;

$array = array('name' => 'joe');
print array2object($array)->name;


Indexed arrays can be parsed the usual way through the list() function.


Re: perl style in php ? (crub) wrote in message
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No. What I often do in this situation is use extract(). Example:

// $year, $mon, $seconds, etc. are now set

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