pear::soap proxy server problem

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I am creating soap "proxy", of sorts, to hide a fubar soap server  
implemented by some proprietary guys. The point of the proxy server is  
to provide a SOAP 1.1 interface with described by WSDL. So the interface  
methods will simply propogate the request and replies from the fubar  
soap server, with some conversion in between.

Here is where the problem is, when I create the source to hold both the  
interface soap server and the backend soap client in one php script on  
apache, the php interpreter starts complaining or failing.
It seems to me that the php environment is messed up by having the  
server and client code declarations at one time in the current  
interpreter environment, probably by redefinitions or similar.

I tried moving the server and the client into different functions with  
the include statement within the functions, but that did not help.
I tested the scripts separately and then they work nicely but if  
connected so as to run in the same interpreter it is messed up.

Does anybody have any ideas of how to solve this? Is there f.ex. anyway  
during the processing of a request one can separate out a new and  
independent environment to execute the subfunction? Is it possible to do  
a php shell to start the subfunction which then f.ex uses stdout to  
redirect output back to the caller? I would prefer a much cleaner  
solution, but then again, making a proxy to hide a damaged soap server  
is not really a clean solution either.



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