PEAR server down?

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I am unable to reach PEAR server. Here is the error message:

# pear upgrade-all
XML_RPC_Client: Connection to RPC server failed. Connection
timed out

Anybody knows what's going on?
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Re: PEAR server down?

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 Works for me. Probably a problem with your internet provider or one on the
route you use to get there, or it was down and it's back up again.

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Re: PEAR server down?

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 22:01:21 +0000, Andy Hassall wrote:

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Nope. It isn't that simple. I can direct my browser to I see
the web page but I can't use pear command.
$ pear list
Installed packages:
Package                   Version  State
Archive_Tar               1.3.0    stable
Auth_SASL                 1.0.1    stable
Config                    1.10.4   stable
Console_Getopt            1.2      stable
DB                        1.7.4    stable
DBA                       1.1      stable
DB_Pager                  0.7      stable
DB_QueryTool              1.0.0    stable
Date                      1.4.3    stable
HTML_Common               1.2.1    stable
HTML_Form                 1.1.3    stable
HTML_Menu                 2.1.1    stable
HTML_QuickForm            3.2.4pl1 stable
HTML_QuickForm_Controller 1.0.4    stable
HTML_Table                1.5      stable
Log                       1.8.7    stable
Mail                      1.1.4    stable
Net_SMTP                  1.2.6    stable
Net_Socket                1.0.6    stable
PEAR                      1.3.5    stable
PHP_Compat                1.3.1    stable
Pager                     2.2.6    stable
Pager_Sliding             1.6      stable
Var_Dump                  1.0.2    stable
XML_Parser                1.2.5    stable
XML_RPC                   1.2.2    stable
XML_Util                  1.1.1    stable

I believe that the server has changed protocol and I cannot figure out how.

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Re: PEAR server down?

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 Hm, well, I tested it not with a browser but by installing a package, which
worked for me.

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