PEAR problem with TAGs

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I am trying DB_DataObjects. I am new with PEAR. My database is
PostgreSQL, and I am using PHP4.

I have a text field where I store the following data in XML format

<?xml version='1.0'?>

Then, I use DataObjects to read the table.
$customer     = DB_DataObject::factory('public_customer');
$customer->id = $id_customer;

Then, when I do
echo $customer->note

I just got: 12345678

How can I do for retrieving the original data? It seems to me that PEAR
is altering the text for better display or security purpose.
Looking at the code of DB_DataObject I think that it use
fetchRow(FETCHMODE_ASSOC) for bring the data, but not complety sure
about that.

Thank you for your help

Mr Anderson

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