[pear] persistent parameter with HTML_QuickForm_Page

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Hello everybody,

I am learning HTML_QuickForm_Controller pear extension.

In my project the pages are called by a op get parameter  
(index.php?op=foobar) and this needs to remain there even when forms are  

the problem:
Unfortunately the attribute "action" of the html tag "form" is always  
"index.php", instead of "index.php?op=foobar". I have tried to pass  
"index.php?op=foobar" to the constructor of HTML_QuickForm_Page, with no  
results. It is still "index.php" (_self).

When I worked only with QuickForm (with no controller) i used to set a  
hidden parameter "op" in the form and then handling it with a $_REQUEST  
instead of a $_GET.

But now, with HTML_QuickForm_Controller, after the form data have been  
submitted the page refreshes (via http headers) and preserves no  
informations about the "op" parameter, so I get allways in the home page.

Do you have any suggestion about modifying the action attribute of  
QuickForm_Page in a clean way (or even a working workaround)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. sorry for my poor english

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