PEAR, Mail Queue and Mail Mime

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I have some trouble with my application.
It is written with PEAR, SMARTY ....
I should send an email to me and with Bcc to 50's else adresses.
But it send it just to me.
I am on an easyPhP server.
Here is my code

    $mail_queue =& new Mail_Queue($db_options, $mail_options);

    $from = '';
    $from_name = "MY";
    $replyTo = "";
    $message = stripslashes($msg);
    $from_params = empty($from_name) ? '"'.$from_name.'" <'.$from.'>' :
    $hdrs = array( 'From' => $from_params,
    'Reply-To'=> $replyTo,
    'To' => $from,
    'Bcc' => $liste,
    'Subject' => $sujet );

    $mime =& new Mail_mime();
    $mime->addAttachment($pdf, $attach_type);
    $body = $mime->get();
    $hdrs = $mime->headers($hdrs);
    $seconds_to_send = 1;
    $delete_after_send = true;
    $id_user = 7;
    $mail_queue->put('','My Organisation',$from, '', $hdrs,
$body, $seconds_to_send, $delete_after_send, $id_user);

How can I do to send My emails to the Bcc's addresses too ???

Does someone know something about this ???
Thanks for your help

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