PEAR mail() problem

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Ok, I THINK I have access to the PEAR packages in my /path/to/pear/...
directory.  I tested a simple php page with just :
and the page displayed properly so I assume that means my page can see that
directory - I might be wrong.

Here's the code for sending the mail:

$recipients = '';
$headers['From']    = '';
$headers['To']      = '';
$headers['Subject'] = 'Test message';
$body = 'Test message';
$params["host"] = '';
$params["auth"] = True;
$params["username"] = 'loginID';
$params["password"] = 'password';
echo 1;
$mail_object =& Mail::factory('smtp', $params);
echo 2;
$mail_object->send($recipients, $headers, $body);
echo 3;

It gets through 2 then does NOT display 3.  So, it is not executing the send
command.  (I am using smtp mail for a purpose).

How can I test or troubleshoot form this point?  Any ideas what is going on
or not going on?

Many thanks!

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