Pear mail on IIS6 server

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I am just setting up a win 2003 server running IIS6 , php, with pear  
packages installed.

I am trying to get the Pear Mail package working but cannot get it to send a  
message and it returns no error showing why.

here is the code I am using.


$body = "Hello -Just testing. \n\n";

$to = '';
$headers['subject'] = "Mail Test";
$headers['From'] = '';

print "Subject = ".$headers['subject']."<br>";
print "To = ".$to."<br>";
print "Body = ".$body."<br>";
$message = &Mail::factory('smtp',$params);
if (PEAR::isError($message)) { die($message->getMessage()); }
$message->send($to, $headers, $body);
if (PEAR::isError($message)) { die($message->getMessage()); }

the page takes a while to load (45-60 seconds) and it shows the 3 lines from  
print commands.  It shows nothing else.

display_errors = on in php.ini and I do get error messages if I have errors  
in coding (ie. include a file that does not exist).

This is a real stumper - any insight would be appreciated.


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