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I wondered what the return value of the getOne method in the PEAR DB class
is when no row is found:

$what = $db->getOne("SELECT field FROM table WHERE 1=2");
if($what=="") echo "emptystring";
if($what==false) echo "false";
if($what==NULL) echo "null";
echo $what;

echoes "emptystringfalsenull". Is it possible that the function returns a
value that is an empty string, false and null at the same time?

If I want to check for the existence of a row, is it okay to check for
either of the three possibilities, or is there a preferred one?

$id = $db->getOne("SELECT id FROM table WHERE condition='fulfilled');

// this one?
if($id=="") do_something();
// or this one?
if($id==false) do_something();
// or that one?
if($id != NULL) do_something();

else do_something_else($id);

Thanks for every hint.


Re: PEAR DB::getOne question

Markus Ernst wrote:
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Either use === in the above if statements, or simply replace them with


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Re: PEAR DB::getOne question

Berislav Lopac wrote:
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Thank you - that makes a difference indeed.


Re: PEAR DB::getOne question

 .oO(Markus Ernst)

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The reason is the automatic typecasting of PHP. All '', FALSE and NULL
evaluate to FALSE, so in your case all three if-statements are

The === operator not only compares the values, but also the types.


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