PEAR Cache, 2 issues

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I registered 2 issues about PEAR Cache:

1. Whenever a cached file is called, it's change date in the server's file
system is changed. Looks like the files get overwritten every time, also
when a perfect hit is registered and the cached content is output. Could it
be that $cache->start() overwrites the files, and what could be the reason
for that? Or is this a trick of the file system that changes the change date
even if the file is not overwritten?

2. In Cache Version 1.5.3 file locking was introduced. Now if I set
"fileLocking" => true when creating the object there is no error message.
But when looking at the code, fileLocking is not made part of
$allowed_options. How can I test if the file locking works?

Thanks for hints.


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