PEAR auth package - how does setSessionname work?

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I have used the PEAR Auth package to successfully set up authentication.

// Details of where the authentication details are stored.
$options = array(
                 'dsn' => "pgsql://graphicomm2:pw@localhost/graphicomm2",
                 'table' => "v_active_users",
                 'usernamecol' => "f_email",
                 'passwordcol' => "f_password",
$a = new Auth("MDB2", $options, "loginFunction");

However, this does not seem to change the session name in the browser when I
check the cookies.

But -but - but - it does work in the sense that I can log in to two
different php applications from different tabs on the same browser and the
authentication is separate.  I.e. if I am logged into one app it does not
mean that I am allowed to access the second app.

The problem I have is that $_SESSION variables seem to be cross
application!?!  I.e. if I use a $_SESSION variable it can be accessed from
either application.

Now I know I can uniquely name the $_SESSION variables which will probably
be the interim solution but I would have thought that there would be a way
of limiting $_SESSION variables to that particular session as set by the

Any thoughts - thanks,


Re: PEAR auth package - how does setSessionname work?

You can use $_SESSION['app1']['x'] = 'y' and $_SESSION['app2']['a'] =

This is how Auth does it internally. setSessionName tells the Auth
package to use values in $_SESSION['_auth_sessionName'] where
sessionName is the given name.

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