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I am about to start a daunting project: recoding 50,000 lines of
Dataflex/Unix to php/mysql.  I read the pdo manual and am not
sure if it would be faster/better to use pdo rather then native
mySQL statements (in my classes).

Database independence is not an issue (unless mySQL goes away).

What are the advantages/disadvantages to using the pdo class
rather than native sql ?

What more would you like to know about the project ?




PDO add some good design practices but its main advantage is clearly
the database independence to me

Just to think about it :
 - MySQL was bought by Sun which was bought by Oracle
 - Some Java users start to be suspicious about changes in some
 - So what future for MySQL tomorrow ? in one year ?

With friends we started a little project some years ago which used an
Access "database" which became quite bigger after
Two years later it moved one SQL Server
Five years later we had to move it on MySQL

You can never be sure about the future of your projects


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