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Is anyone familiar with how to change the output resolution with
PDFlib? It creates pdf's at the standard 72 dpi and I need them
created at 300 dpi.

I can't find anything on this other than a book saying that you can
modify the output resolution.

Thanks in advance!

Re: PDFlib and output resolution

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I'm not familiar with PDF lib but I would think PDFlib is similar to
FPDF it is vector and the resolution would not be a factor.

PDF (along with Postscript) coordinates are designated in points (a
typographic term), points are being 72 to an inch.  To get finer
detail all you need to do is use fractions (49.75,113.25) in your
coordinates.  FPDF allows you to define your measurement system (inch,
mm, point, etc.) maybe there is something similar for PDFlib.

Re: PDFlib and output resolution

On Dec 11, 9:48=A0am, la...@portcommodore.com wrote:
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Thanks for the response.  Does FPDF allow for CMYK color?  I am trying
to prepare a pdf file for print on the fly.  It needs to be in CMYK at
300 dpi.


Re: PDFlib and output resolution

larry@portcommodore.com wrote:
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odd. Mine came out at 300dpi.

well it did once I had fixed my PRINTER driver to go at 300dpi..

maybe this is an image only issue. The images are of course embedded

Larry's description is accurate for TEXT and other vector graphics...you
can get better than one point resolution by using floating point numbers.

whatever interprets the PDF - acrobat etc, will draw to whatever
resolution the output device - screen? is capable of.

Incidentally, you can get  much better idea of what phplib does by
looking at the pdf docs that come with the downloadable source.

http://www.pdflib.com/download/pdflib-family/pdflib-lite /

The download is a zipped tar file for Linux, which when untarred has a
subdirectory docs. The programmers reference manual is in there.

Also. if trying to install on Linux this way, be aware that the current
makefile is broken.

You need to do  from inside the PDFlib-Lite-7.0.3 directory..

cd libs
make all
cd ..
make install

and the whole shebang will install.

Then a 'pecl install pdflib' works to install the PDF shim to the C
library, , and use /usr/local as the path to libraries in that..

Finally create (in my case)



file and put in


And restart apache, and off you go.

Its quirky when you give it stuff it doesn't like,. but it works well
..and its FAST.

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