pdf & utf8?

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Everything on my php&mysql site is with charset utf8, and now I've to
create pdf from the site...
Fpdf doesn't support utf8... I saw ufpdf but it seems a quite unstable and
with bugs.

Could someone tell me other way to create pdf from utf8?

Greetings from Sardinnia,

PS: I can't install libraries or things like these on the provider  where
is the site :-(

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Re: pdf & utf8?

*** Sergej escribió/wrote (Fri, 18 Aug 2006 17:13:13 GMT):
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You can always convert to another charset:


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Re: pdf & utf8?

Sergej schrieb:
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I use TCPDF:

It is PHP5; if you need PHP4 you can find instructions how to convert it  
in the FPDF forums. I encountered that the PDFs created are not  
compatible with Acrobat4; but did not find a solution for this yet; just  
told my clients to get a new version of Acrobat Reader.


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