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I'm seeking for a PDF generation library for PHP5. Can anybody point me  
to a good solution?

What about:
- fpdf
- cpdfwriter
- ezpdf

Are these libraries stable and good to use? I need something  
not-too-rich, but stable and preferrably lightweight. Something that I  
will be able to just install and forget.

Thanks for your help.


Re: PDF generation library

Also sprach Any User:

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I have worked with this one, and I find it really good. Simple to use  
(especially for creating tables straight from an array) and for free. There  
are a few minor bugs, but nothing really bad (in the worst case, you can try  
to fix them by yourself). It is lightweight. Just download, unzip, include  
the class, call a few methods, and your PDF is ready - either being streamed  
to the client or to be stored in a file. The manual (PDF, created with -  
surprise! - EZPDF, and the code used to create it is available too) is short  
while still containing all the information needed, so it's really easy to  
get going.


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Re: PDF generation library

Thomas Mlynarczyk wrote:
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I've downloaded the PECL *Postcript* library, and it's stable and good  
as far as I can tell. I see no reason the PDF one wouldn't be.

I did have various niggles in getting the whol pecel/pear/library stuff  
sorted out, but once there, everything seems to work 'as advertised'

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Re: PDF generation library

Am Sun, 21 Oct 2007 12:55:23 +0200 schrieb Any User:

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Hello Patrick,

for a long time iam experimenting around with the named libs. But my  
Problems in past are begin as the App is growing and want to create  
Tables and Table of Contents and such.

Then it is better to use Smarty as Templating engine and LaTeX for  
creating PDF's.

A Class i had written for doing this task, he is belonging to some typo3  
api but you can replace it. The class is in early development state but  
works since some months.  


Re: PDF generation library

I use FPDF with FPDI it met my needs: make PDFs, import and add to
PDFs.  Seems to work well.

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