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I hav created a newsletter creator, that will will the out put as a
PDF to the user
User can select some articles with one template

And we will merge the articles with templates to generate simple HTML
(using Table  in HTML)

First i went with FPDF
it given almost fine result except  two problems
1) We cant give ant font or CSS for the whole pdf everything will be
in same font ( can negotiate though)
2) i created the article in row wise. so each article content will
come in each row
but its breaking(Skipping) the page when it found that it will not be
fit in the remaining part of the current page

Then i went for html2ps
It is working quit well with all the above two problems

But it giving an error when i go for little bit large contents ( we
may able to fix if we got the server with us)
the second error is with images . they are told that we may need to
give absolute path if inserts images
but still we arn't

Please help me out of this two
in which i should go with..??
and where i should be concentrated more??


Re: PDF generation from HTML

*** Anees escribió/wrote (Fri, 28 Mar 2008 06:16:49 -0700 (PDT)):
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One more option is dompdf:

    http://www.digitaljunkies.ca/dompdf /

However, it's still version 0.5 and it hasn't had important releases in two
years. It may suit your needs or not.

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