pdf_findfont: error?

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I'm new to php and i'm trying to print a table from my database with
pdflib, but i always get this error:
Fatal error: PDFlib error: [2516] PDF_findfont: Metrics data for font
'times-roman' not found in C:\apachefriends\xampp\htdocs\pdftest.php
on line 10

this is the code
$pdf = pdf_new();
pdf_open_file($pdf, "test.pdf");
pdf_set_info($pdf, "Author", "Javier Tacon");
pdf_set_info($pdf, "Title", "Test for PHP wrapper of PDFlib 2.0");
pdf_set_info($pdf, "Creator", "See Author");
pdf_set_info($pdf, "Subject", "Testing");
pdf_begin_page($pdf, 595, 842);
pdf_add_outline($pdf, "Page 1");
$font = pdf_findfont($pdf, "times-roman", "host", 1);
pdf_setfont($pdf, $font, 10);
pdf_set_value($pdf, "textrendering", 1);
pdf_show_xy($pdf, "Times Roman outlined", 50, 750);
pdf_moveto($pdf, 50, 740);
pdf_lineto($pdf, 330, 740);
echo "<A HREF=getpdf.php>finished</A>";

any suggestions?

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