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Why pcntl_*** function results in error as following:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pcntl_fork() .
I am using it on Apache and read somewhere that it doesn't work as
apache module. Is that the reason?

Re: pcntl_****

Are you using PHP as an Apache module?

Re: pcntl_****

shyren wrote:

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Note from the manual page at http://www.php.net/pcntl

Process Control support in PHP is not enabled by default. You have to
compile the CGI or CLI version of PHP with --enable-pcntl configuration
option when compiling PHP to enable Process Control support.
Note:  Currently, this module will not function on non-Unix platforms

So unless you have compiled PHP with that flag yourself those functions
are not going to be available. I would take it from reading that
sentance that you can only compile pcntl support into the CGI or CLI
versions and not into the Apache module.

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