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My customer (a web site company) has a client that wanted a web site
which provides easy access to thousands of web sites for travel in the
south pacific.  I created that site.

Now that client wants this to be a subscription service.  I have advised
my customer that this client might possibly get one or two subscriptions
-- if that many.  The proper business model, in my estimation, is to be
paid by the target web sites on a pay per click basis (and selling
advertising on this site).  My customer asked me to prepare a proposal
as to how much it would take to implement this.  I have never done this

So, here is my question.  Where do I begin?  I googled and only got
confused by all the stuff out there.  This differs from bidding on
keywords, as there would have to be direct contracts involved with each
of the sites.

What software is needed?  (do you have any reccommendations?)
How does one protect against fraud (thousands of clicks from the same IP)?
What have I forgotten to ask?

Re: Pay per click

 sheldonlg <sheldonlg> wrote:

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If this is confusing you and you don't understand it, why are you
bidding on it?  Sounds like it's time to refer them to someone who's
done this before rather than reinventing the wheel that Google's being
so good at doing.

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Re: Pay per click

Michael Vilain wrote:
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1 - I am the only php person this web site company uses and I have done
many sites for them -- including this one.
2 - Their customer wants subscription -- and I have already coded it
that way for them.
3 - **I** think that the better way is by Pay per click.  The company
asked me to look into how much it would be to implement.
4 - I am not against using another source for this aspect.  I already do
that with shopping carts, credit card verification, etc.  I simply am
asking for comments on where to turn.
5 - How do you learn new things unless you attempt them?  I learn by doing.
6 - I am not asking anyone to do this work for me.  I am only asking for
advice on where to start.

Re: Pay per click

On 22 May, 19:58, sheldonlg <sheldonlg> wrote:
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How much we would charge to do this job for you?

Re: Pay per click

Captain Paralytic wrote:
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Thanks for all your help.

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