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Is there any way (on Windows) to determine, from within php, the
directory that it is running from?  In other words, what is the path to
PHP?  This particularly concerns the CLI php versions.  On Linux, it
has been suggested to do:
which php
but even this wouldn't help me since that would just show A php on the
include path and not necessarily the currently executing instance.

Also, getcwd() at startup only shows the path that php was started from
and __FILE__  and phpinfo() do not offer this info either.

Csaba Gabor from Vienna

Re: Path to php

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The $_ENV["ORIG_SCRIPT_FILENAME"] if that variable exists for you...  
Another way is if your extension dir is right off of the php root you  
could simply back pedal from the extension dir setting :)


Re: Path to php

Mike Willbanks wrote:
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Hi Mike, thanks for your response, but that determines the PHP script
that is running and not the PHP.exe (or php-win.exe or whatever) that
is running it.  I'm after the executable location - not the script


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