Passing data between scripts

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I have a php script which displays some HTML stuff along with some
images generated on the fly by another php script. Example:


//  Script1.php

$fp = fopen("c:/some_path/file1.txt", "r");
$tmp = explode(" ", fgets($fp));

$ts1 = $tmp[1];
$ts2 = ltrim (date("h:iA", strtotime("$ts1 +30 minutes")), 0);
$date = date("D M d, ") ."$ts1 - $ts2.";

echo "<ul><h1 align=\"left\">ABC Company.</h1>";
echo "<h2 align=\"left\">$date</h2></ul>";
echo "<img src=\"Script2.php\" border=0 width=500
echo "<br>";


Is there any way that I can have Script2.php access to the array $tmp
without having it (Script2.php) open file1.txt and reading in the data?
It's a large data file, not something I can pass as variables in the
URL. Ex:
echo "<img src=\"Script2.php?var1=$tmp[1]&var2=$tmp[2]\" border=0
width=500 height=500><br>;\n";



Re: Passing data between scripts

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You could use a session, the net effect is that the data is written to
another file and script2 reads that file, see the manual at for more info.

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