Pass Word Protected Directories

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I don't know if this question should be ask here or directed at  my  
website server.

Part of my web site is behind a user name, pass word protected directory  
made with the hosts  routine.  EV-one in this case.

When I enter my name password to enter the directory and then leave to  
go to other parts of the website, I do not have to enter my name  
password when I come back.

When I go to other websites and come back to this protected directory, I  
do not have to enter my name password.

The only time I have to enter my name, pass word is after I have closed  
the browser.

Is this normal.
Is there code I can add to close that particular path?
Is this a cookie issue and can I control that cookie?

I do remember when I set this up it ask 'ssl' or  'non-ssl' and both  
were checked. I unchecked one and don't remember which and have not gone  
to look since I started this message.

If you can help, I would appreciate it.


Re: Pass Word Protected Directories

Dave Kelly wrote:
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If you get the "Enter userid/password" popup box, this is just part of  
normal web server authentication.  Your browser remembers your  
userid/password for this site internally (no cookie or anything) and the  
next time the site asks for your userid/password again, the browser  
automatically resends it.

No cookies, etc. are involved.  And of course, since the browser is  
keeping it in memory, when you close the browser it is forgotten.

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Re: Pass Word Protected Directories

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just use session

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2be || !2be $this => mysql_query();  

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