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I need to pass a variable from script1.php to script2.php.  The problem
is that these scripts use frames and therefore I am able to pass the
variable through the URL.  It also does not use forms to set this
variable, so i cannot pass it this way either.

So to simplify I have :

$var1 = value;
echo '<href="script2.php">link to script2</a>';


echo $var1;

How can script2 find this value?

Re: Pass Variable to another script

If you don't want to pass the variable through a get or post, try using
a session variable.  The code would look something like:
script 1:
    $_SESSION['var1'] = 'test';

script 2:
    echo $_SESSION['var1'];

But it would be cleaner if you passed the variable in your link to the
other file like this:
script 1:
     $var1 = 'test';
     echo '<href="script2.php?var1=$var1">link to script2</a>';
script 2:
     $var1 = $_GET['var1'];
     echo $var1;

You could also send it via a form with POST by using hidden fields.
Let me know if you need any further advice.

Jon Tjemsland

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