Parsing XML with PHP in a special way.....

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Hello everybody,

okay, at first sight my topic seems very familiar - I am sure it was
discussed before several times.

But I like to know somethink that is a little bit different from all
these countless examples that can be found in the web.

I like to parse an XML file with PHP. But this XML file has no database
structure, it should be a kind of script that I like to go through from
the beginning to the end of the file (like a HMTL file).

So I got my PHP code that reads my XML file into an array. But now I
want to go through this array...BUT all the scripts I found base on the
fact that the XML file has the sructure of a database.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards,

Re: Parsing XML with PHP in a special way.....

Hi Thomas --

Perhaps if you provided a sample of your PHP code and the XML you're
attempting to parse, we could be of more help (if the XML file is
large, an excerpt will do nicely).  The term "database structure"
doesn't mean anything to me out of context.  So I just need a little
bit more information before I can comment on your situation.  :)


thomas wrote:
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