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I must confess that I'm behind the curve on my regular expression syntax. I
am trying to just take an RSS feed and parse the info I want from it using
preg_match_all() (I know there are more proper ways and even PEAR libraries
to this, but I just need to keep things simple. So far it's working great
when I do the following:
preg_match_all("/(<title>)(.*)(<\/title>)/", $rss, $titles, PREG_SET_ORDER);

The problem comes up with one of the tags I want to parse called
'<content:encoded>'. It seems the colon is throwing everything off, and I've
poked around google for regex info trying to make this work, but no luck. I
know this must be something simple I just don't understand about regex...

Can anyone help me with this? For bonus points, how would I then parse out
the image tags from the <content:encoded> section of the feed? Being that
img tags don't use closing tags in html. My end goal is to get the image
html code from this data.


Re: Parsing RSS / RegEx n00b

Adam Gaskins wrote:
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Parsing XML isn't a simple task.  I wouldn't even try to use regular
expressions.  Rather, I'd use either the DOM or SimpleXML functions.
Much easier and more flexible.

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Re: Parsing RSS / RegEx n00b

Thanks Jerry. It is working fine for now, and I'm just trying to get a site
mock up before a deadline. Is there a way to just parse out those
content:encoded tags like I can with all the rest? There has to be some
little thing I'm missing about the regex to make it work with that colon.

I do agree with you though, having glanced at those functions I will figure
out a more proper way to do this for the production site.



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