Parsing results of posted form?

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I'd like to take data from a form on my site, use php to post that to
a script on another site, parse the response and do something based on
that.  The visitor shouldn't be bothered knowing that I'm involving
another site.

Background:  I am hiring staff.  When someone applies to work with me,
I receive an e-mail with the contents of the form they submitted.  I
then, manually enter their information into another site.  Sometimes a
person applies more than once, and the second site lets me know it's a
duplicate record.  I then manually send them an email letting them
know that they've already applied, and can't apply twice.  I'd like to
automate that process, and have my script submit the information, find
out if they've registered before, and let them know right away.

I downloaded "PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser", and suspect it has some of
the features I'm looking for.  It has the ability to download an html
page and parse through the dom.  How can I use that (or something like
it) to post some form data, then parse the resulting html page?



Re: Parsing results of posted form?

Mike wrote:
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Is there a reason you can't just post straight to the other site, or are
you playing the middle man?

You can use Curl to sent post data, but if you are not sure about the
process the other site is using, the results may not be as expected.


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