parsing lookup tables

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I'm wondering if there is something already out there for parsing
lookup tables,

You know, like tax tables, the columns are marital status, and the
lookup is income  within the rane and marital status.  Example (sorry
for the lousy column spacing):

income   single  married  widower
0       0     0     0
5000     35    8    0
10000      80   40     12

(actually my tables are different but this is a better example)

What I am looking for is either a way to keep such tables as a CSV
file and do lookup or be able easily parse a CSV into some clean
logical DB table (suggestions on how to make a my MySQL equivalent, or
library to do it would be good too).  The goal is to have a simple
structure from which the users can update the tables themselves.

The printed source would be similar to the tax able above.


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