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I'm searching for a php script that can find out whether the current
user (I know _SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"]  will give me the name for
non-cgi php) has the right to view a specific file.

My dream is that I just need a short php script that just asks the
webserver what the rights are. That seems a reasonable wish to me.

If this is however not possible than I'd like a script that can
interpret a .htaccess and .htgroups file. For this I would like to give
to the script a filename or a directory (filename should be possible),
the script would then search the folder and (if nessecary) the higher
folders to find out which .htaccess file applies. It then checks which
rule in the .htaccess file applies (i.e. it should understand both
Require user  Werner Dieter Heidi
Require group Servicetechniker
<Files *.htm>
Require user  Werner Dieter Heidi
Require group Servicetechniker
It shall than find the groups file and resolve the groups.
Then it should either give me the list of all users that are allowed to
see the picture, or it should tell me whether the current user has the
right to read the file.

It would be great if a script would already exist. I've never
programmed any php so I'm unsure how long it would take me to write the

There is
but as far as I see it'll just read the users and groups out of a give
.htaccess file. But it won't understand the <Files xyz.html> tag and it
won't resolve groups.
But then again it can write new .htaccess. (However I don't need this
right now.)

Very many thanks,

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