Parse error on file using PHP 4.3.10

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My hosting service uses PHP 4.3.10 and when I run a php script which works
perfectly on my local lan linux server on my hosting service I get this

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in
/home/fhlinux199/s/user/htdocs/graph_all.php on line 1114

When I look at the file I can find nothing wrong, as I say on my linux box
with a later level of PHP it parses fine and executes. If I edit the file
and simply add a blank char on the offending line the parse error moves to
a different line in the file, this keeps happening every time I do an edit
and it moves again. Usually to a line earlier in the file which it parsed
OK on the previous run, and not always a ) causing the problem.

I've asked the hosting service about this but they are not interested!

Anyone know if this is a known problem? I have double checked that I
uploaded it correctly as ASCII. Other PHP scripts work OK.


Re: Parse error on file using PHP 4.3.10

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You are not providing a lots of info here, like:
-what version gives the parse error
-what is the code

Re: Parse error on file using PHP 4.3.10

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The version giving the error is as I said 4.3.10. All you have to do is
change any character on the failing line for the same character, so change
an a to an a save it and that error goes away and you get another error in
the same script on a different line but a lower line number (ie one that
has parsed OK in the previous run). This is why I have not shown the code,
there is nothing wrong with the code, it runs on my install of PHP on my
local server just fine. It only fails on my hosting service implementation
of PHP.

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