Parallel Operations

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Is it possible to get PHP to do certain tasks at the same time?  Like
grab the content of 3-4 xml files at the same time so you dont wait on
one, then retrieve the second, the third and so on?  I have been asked
to code something that will require this to happen (for the sake of
runtime), and while I know I can do this using other languages don't
relish supporting extra layers -- can PHP do this?  If so can you point
me towards documentation?


Re: Parallel Operations

James wrote:

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It's certainly possible to ask the operating system to create more
processes. See for starters. Although this is
just one way to skin a cat.


Re: Parallel Operations

On a web server you can do it relatively easily by making HTTP requests
to localhost through fopen(), file(), etc..

Re: Parallel Operations

On 9 Sep 2005 14:20:31 -0700, Chung Leong wrote:

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Do what ? Make a cup of coffee, Please quote what you are replying to.

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